Monthly Archives: March 2015


i haven’t weighed myself since my husband got home. I’m need to stay on track I’ve worked to hard to not stay on track! Ana would be disgusted with me. I ordered a new scale so that I have one up stairs to! This should help me weigh everyday my husband is supportive, but he distracts me! How am I to stay focused if he is always there watching. He even wants to be around when I exercise that is the one peaceful place I have!!!


Anti-anorexia law in France: can policies change mentalities? Outrage!!!! Internet won’t stop us from expressing our love for Ana! Not my fault they all want us to be fat!!!! Thanks but no thanks, I will stick with the control!!!!!!!!

As part of a health system reform, two anti-anorexia law projects have been proposed in France. It took an interesting turn as the laws proposed an intervention of the Government to penalize the praise of anorexic standards and behavior over Internet. With all the debates around Net Neutrality and a ‘no censoring’ policy over Internet […]


I have been struggling not to eat chocolate, I am seeing it every where it’s so tempting so I just stop and drink a tea instead ten calories is better then 29 calories. Things have finally started changing for me, I can’t stray from being perfect. I will hate myself more then I already do if I give in to temptations.